Welcome to the site! This is the official home of Exiled-Destiny, where you can find information about our encodes, or just anime in general. Most of our new encodes are presented in H.264 encoding, OGG or AC3 audio, and VOBSub graphic subtitles. Enjoy your stay and if you have any questions not answered in the rules or the faq, feel free to drop by the IRC Channel and ask.



Monday, May. 31 '16 --------- Faq and Rules updated!
I've made some minor updates to the Faq and Rules on the site to reflect current bot status. Most of the information is the same or similar, but you might want to review it once. There is one new question in the faq as well.

Monday, Sept. 10 '13 --------- We are NOT dead!
Contrary to what you might have heard, we're still alive and well. Come on by and visit us on our IRC channel.

Monday, Mar. 14 '11 --------- Hack on the HTML. Taskforce
The forums are leaving the site. They never served any real useful purpose and they're just being used by spammers at this point. Since they've not been useful, they're outta here.

Sunday, Sept. 21 '08 --------- Hack on the HTML. Taskforce
Sorry guys. Someone had hacked a line into our HTML and I hadn't noticed until now. Line is gone. Seems it was a popup hack. Its removed and file permissions were fixed for those files to hopefully stop it from happening again. I'll try to remember to keep closer tabs too.

Saturday, Apr. 12 '08 --------- Exiled-Destiny not Semi-closing? Taskforce
Exiled-Destiny is not semi-closing anymore. Wait, are you dreaming? Not sure, punch yourself in the face 12 or so times as hard as you can then when you get back from the hospital if this message is still here, I guess it's true, right? Actually, we've gotten a new encoder, Saoen. You might recognise him in other groups but he contacted us to see if he could encode and help keep the group going. One thing led to another, he passed the test and the group will now remain open. So once more, Exiled-Destiny will not be closing as planned, though the original encoders will probably do much less encoding from now on. Look for Saoen's first encode, Shuffle!, very soon.

(Exiled-Destiny does not condone and can not be held responsible for anyone stupid enough to actually punch themself in the face. It was obviously a joke and if you are dumb enough to do it anyway, you cannot hold us responsible)

Tuesday, Nov. 13 '07 --------- Exiled-Destiny Semi-closing! Taskforce
Exiled-Destiny will be semi-closing effective immediately. You may ask what is semi-closing. Let me explain. From this point onward, Exiled-Destiny will finish the ongoing series on the releases page but will not pick up any new series. Once those series are completed, Exiled-Destiny will be considered closed and no longer release any shows. The channel will remain open for as long as people support it. We would like to take a moment and thank all of you who have supported us the last 3 years and embraced our somewhat unconventional approach to running an anime group. We hope that other groups take our philosophy and run with it in their groups in the future. It has been a very nice 3 year run, but we at Exiled-Destiny need to or have move(d) on to other things in life that don't or won't leave us enough time to do this on a consistent basis anymore. Again, thank you to all you supporters, we appreciate you all.

(Release list is now finalized.)

Monday, Mar. 26 '07 --------- Channel moving to Rizon! Taskforce - edit dude051
Well, as much as I'm not a fan of Rizon, for various reasons, after extended services/DNS outages at Chatsociety and with no explanations as to why from the sysops, we have no choice but to relocate the channel. Maybe someday ChatSociety will get it together and maybe we'll return, but not until they've proven that they can handle their network better than they have recently. To ChatSociety, we thank you for being our home for over 2 years now. I'm sorry we have to move, but you leave us no choice. You all can now find us on Rizon (irc.rizon.net).

Monday, Mar. 19 '07 --------- New website features everywhere! Taskforce
Dude051 completely redid the Encodes Help section. It should hopefully now be more informative and helpful in getting our encodes working. We'll also add to it as we see repeating issues arise on the channel. There is also a polls section now if you haven't noticed. Be sure to visit it and let us know if the new Encodes Help section is helpful. Finally, if you mouse over the thumbnails on the right side of the screen now, you'll notice that a full size screencap now pops up. It was hard to see detail in those thumbnails.

Saturday, Mar. 17 '07 --------- ChatSociety DNS downż dude051
Some of you might have noticed that Chatsociety's DNS is down, and while the server admins are trying to resolve the issue, I thought for the ones that look here for answers I would do just that. To join chatsociety you can use the following IP's : (mirage), (copenhagen), (meia). Use them just like you normally join a server [ /server 6669 ] and you should be fine. As I write this, I am also rewriting the Encodes Help section, to both be more up to date and complete. So check back soon to see what has been added!

Friday, Jan. 26 '07 --------- Experienced Translator Needed! dude051
Our Dirty Pair TV releases are currently based on some ancient TXT scripts from an old VHS/web source. Sadly though, these current scripts require a lot of work which includes many mis-translations, missing translations and incorrect timing for pretty much the entire script. Which is a lot of work with no translators. If we are to continue to release this series, and at a more practical rate, we will need a willing and able translator to help. We are though, going to continue work on the series with what we have, but we would really prefer to restart the project with a new translator that can help us either fix the problems with the current script or retranslate the series from scratch. Any help is appreciated in helping to bring this series for release! Any questions or comments can be directed to taskforce or dude051 in the IRC channel or by email to ContactExiledDestiny@gmail.com.

Sunday, Sept. 17 '06 --------- New Bot! Yay! dude051
So perhaps it's not "new" news to some of you, but if you have not noticed, we have a new bot being harbored in the channel! E-D|Mai is her name and she's out to be lean and mean. Kindly provided by james1179, you can visit his site at http://james.seedhost.com/ There you can view the bot's pack list as well see his many other bots and servers that he provides. If you can, take some time to thank him by donating if you want. Donations are strictly against the groups policy, but between bot providers it's fair game! From the entire ED crew, we welcome the new kid on the block.

Friday, Sept. 01 '06 --------- R2,R1,R?, Oh no!? dude051
I am sure it has become aparent to you that recently we have been releasing a number of encodes with a special tag in the filename. Something that looks like [R2_Video]. This confuses a lot it seems, as many probably do not know what R2 Video is. So to rather help educate the masses, we have compiled a page here on the website to not only explain what R2 video is and what it means; but to also explain our reasons for using R2 video by providing some side by side comparisons for your eyes so that you can be the judge of it. Onwards to the new R2 Information page!

Thursday, Jun. 22 '06 --------- Donation Button? Taskforce
We have had a couple people ask us "Where is the donation button on the site, I can't find it?" Exiled-Destiny (The group overall) does not accept donations. It is our policy that accepting donations makes it like we are trying to sell you something. That is absolutely not what we are about. If you, however, want to donate to our individual bot providers, that is between you and them. You can contact them directly via the channel.

Thursday, Feb. 16 '06 --------- Bots Stable, Site Fixes? dude051
Ok.... bots should be stable for atleast 99.9999%. Problems worked out, and servers upgraded. The website also has added new Botlist, Releases, FAQ, and Rules documents, each formatted to the site. Later we will build them better into the site, for now this will do. Also added current releases to the side panel.

Monday, Jan. 02 '06 --------- Connection Problems? dude051
It just came to my attention today that Chatsociety's DNS is kinda messed up... this might be delaying some of you from accessing the IRC channel. To do so, use the following commands with the server IP's: /server -m or /server -m (remove the -m flag to NOT open a new server window in your IRC client.) This will be temporary untill the Chatsociety Admins can sort it out.

Sunday, Jan. 01 '06 --------- New YEAR! Anniversary! dude051
Time to celebrate! Not just to bring in the new year of 2006, but to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Exiled-Destiny! To celebrate, we have released a huge amount of new shows. Get them while you can on the bot. Need help? Look to the left and click on the Botlist link. This link is always up-to-date no matter what. It is also always formatted for your convience. Happy New Year 2006! Happy 1st Year Anniversary Exiled-Destiny!

Wednesday, Nov. 23 '05 --------- New Site! dude051
Well decided to get a site up and going, so here it is! Botpack list, and encodes help is up.