How to obtain a packlist for any bot

All Exiled-Destiny bot packlists can be obtained by typing each of these commands, 1 at a time, in the #Exiled-Destiny channel on rizon. Remember, do not type more than one of these commands per line and you will have to open each text file that is sent to you by the bot separately to look through them. Notepad does not handle line feeds properly and should not be used to view the packlists. A browser works quite well for searching the packlists.

The commands for each bot are...

Release Bots:

/msg A|Otakubot xdcc send #1
/msg E-D|Mashiro xdcc send #1

Archive Bots:

/msg AIL|Bot xdcc send #-1
/msg E-D|Mashiro xdcc send #1

Associated Bots:

/msg A|Fanservicebot xdcc send #1
/msg Retrofit|Kazahana xdcc send #1


A|Fanservicebot only carries softsubbed fansubs. You will not find Exiled-Destiny encodes on this bot but I included the command for your reference. Retrofit|Kazahana is a distribution bot for #Retrofit a sub only encoding group associated with #Exiled-Destiny. AIL|Bot is an archive bot for Exiled-Destiny. It is run off a home server and will be slower than the hosted servers but contain a full archive collection. Remember these commands are to be typed only in #Exiled-Destiny on the Rizon irc network.

Many of the xdcc servers in #Exiled-Destiny will respond to !blist in channel or through a PM and send you their packlists. Some irc clients, like mirc, do not handle text files well. The packlists change over time so you will need to re-download them. Be sure to delete the old packlists before downloading a new copy. If you do not your irc client may not retrieve the packlist properly.

Many of the xdcc servers in #Exiled-Destiny accept BATCH requests. The BATCH command works just like send except you need to enter a range of packs (/msg botname xdcc batch 1-30), do not use the pound "#" symbol. The bot will respond with the list of queue positions. This command is not available on all xdcc bots.

If you would like to donate to Exiled-Destiny, the best way to do so is to contact our bot providers and help them out directly. These guys spend a lot of money making sure you can get your anime fix. Contact kenoki, Twinshadow, Paulhamm or VietPDX through PM on IRC if you would like to help them out. Exiled-Destiny does not take donations for the group itself.

The down and dirty XDCC howto:

To download files from the xdcc bots first request the pack lists using one of the commands above. Or optionally, you can issue !blist in the channel and most bots will send you their current list. This is a way for you to get most bots packlists all at once. You can use !xdcc to get the basic xdcc commands format in channel. Open the pack lists in your browser tabs or wordpad to search. (DO NOT USE NOTEPAD, IT MESSES UP THE FORMATTING!) Now issue one of the following commands to the bot containing the pack you are looking for. If you need more information about the commands and how they work GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND!

The basic command format for xdcc bots are: (Remember no " and replace the variables with the appropriate data)

"/msg botname xdcc send x" --To request a pack
"/msg botname xdcc batch x-y" --To request a group of packs
"/msg botname xdcc queue" --To find out where you are in the queue
"/msg botname xdcc remove" (optional pack number) --To remove a pack(s) from the queue
"/msg botname xdcc cancel" --To cancel the current send
"/msg botname xdcc info x" --To get information about a pack

Now for an example. Lets say you got E-D|Mashiro's packlist and you see these files you might want part or all of.

#15 0x [231M] [Exiled-Destiny]_3x3_Eyes_Ep01_(E240735C).mkv
#16 0x [231M] [Exiled-Destiny]_3x3_Eyes_Ep02_(6F4233E8).mkv
#17 0x [232M] [Exiled-Destiny]_3x3_Eyes_Ep03_(CF3F0B16).mkv
#18 0x [232M] [Exiled-Destiny]_3x3_Eyes_Ep04_(11EC2763).mkv
#19 0x [348M] [Exiled-Destiny]_3x3_Eyes_Ep05_(75298ABA).mkv
#20 0x [348M] [Exiled-Destiny]_3x3_Eyes_Ep06_(A5882996).mkv
#21 0x [348M] [Exiled-Destiny]_3x3_Eyes_Ep07_(1E29CCD9).mkv

And you want 3x3 Eyes ep04. Notice at the beginning the #18 (that is the packlist number)

You would type in the channel.

/msg E-D|Mashiro xdcc send 18

For all of these packs

/msg E-D|Mashiro xdcc batch 15-21

This would get you queued for all 7 eps. Simple.