Exiled-Destiny Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can I ask about something that is already answered in the faq in the channel?
A.  Sure you can, as long as you know that a ban is coming your way.  You won't 
    get an answer of course.  Just a nice ban.

Q.  Will you be continuing Yu-Gi-Oh Uncut or Slam Dunk?
A.  Slam Dunk at this time is canceled permanently on DVD, and since this is 
    the case, I see no reason to release the other 10 eps when there will be 
    no more eps of the series coming out in the US.  Yu-Gi-Oh Uncut Funimation
    has said isn't canceled but will not have any new releases any time soon.  
    So in short if either one of these series ever starts being released again 
    then Yes, Otherwise No we can't encode DVD's that don't exist.

Q.  Do you guys have bittorrents?
A.  Absolutely not.  The rules state this clearly. Don't ask about them in the channel.
    We do not and will never have any torrents that we supply.  If you can find our
    stuff on a torrent somewhere, rest assured we had nothing to do with it (although,
    if someone wants to do torrents of our stuff.  As long as the filenames are 
    unchanged that is OK.  It isn't like we can stop you anyway.)

Q.  Why isn't XXX series on E-D|Mashiro?
A.  E-D|Mashiro doesn't have an unlimited amount of space.  Probably
    90-95% of what we've done is there.  But there are the occasional
    older series that isn't.  Those series can mostly be found on AIL|Bot
    but probably won't be coming to E-D|Mashiro because of space 

Q.  Where can I find some encode that is listed in the channel topic?
A.  Ever thought about looking at A|Otakubot/E-D|Mashiro.  If you have problems with those
    then you'll have to scour Fservers.  We don't run those.  So we can't say where you'll
    find what.  Although if you serve yourself you get access to some fservers that leachers
    don't so that is a good place to start.

Q.  Where can I find some encode that is not listed in the channel topic but is on the release list?
A.  Look on E-D|Mashiro, AIL|Bot and for newer stuff A|Otakubot.  If its not on there.  Its time to go
    fserve scouring.  Remember, not all fserves respond to @find so I suggest you manually look for it.
    However, that being said, almost everything can be found between AIL|Bot and E-D|Mashiro.  You
    shouldn't have to look too hard.    

Q.  What codecs do you encode in?  
A.  For DVD, our newest encodes will be in X264 with AC3 audio.  Older encodes can be in either XviD
    or X264 with either OGG or AC3 audio.  For Bluray, 720p will be in 8-bit x264 with AC3 audio.  
    1080p can be in either 8-bit or 10-bit x264 with FLAC or AC3 audio.

Q.  Can I request XXX anime be encoded by you guys?
A.  Yes, direct any encoding ideas you have to Taskforce.  However, just because you request it and
    think it is a good idea, doesn't mean we'll encode it.  First, we can't get every DVD ever made
    and second, maybe we just don't want to encode that show.  You can ask, but don't get upset if 
    we can't get the discs or don't want to do that one.

Q.  Will this FAQ be updated often/at all?
A.  As we find out what questions people ask us most often, this guide will be updated to
    answer those questions.  Please keep an eye on it every so often to see what is new.

Q.  How long will stuff be on the (E-D|Mashiro/A|Otakubot/AIL|Bot)?
A.  I would plan on stuff being on A|Otakubot for at least a month or more.  As for E-D|Mashiro,
    stuff rarely gets deleted on there, however it is not impossible.  If you want it, I wouldn't
    procrastinate.  Especially for 1080p content.  It'll be the first to go when space does eventually
    become a premium.  AIL|Bot also rarely deletes anything, however, again no promises.  If you want it,
    by all means don't want to get it.  Might not be there when you get around to it.

Q.  Why is English the default language of your encodes?  Everyone watches the Japanese and
    nobody watches English anyway.
A.  First quite simply, just because YOU don't watch English doesn't mean everyone doesn't.
    We have quite a number of people that come into the channel because they are looking for 
    a dubbed version of the encodes because they do not like to watch subbed anime. Second, 
    the usual default on US DVD's is English.  Therefore we use English as the initial
    language to match the US DVD.  Finally, in your splitter, you can make most of our releases play
    the Japanese audio and subs by default every time you open one of our files.  Just set 
    jpn,eng in the default audio and subtitles language boxes.  Then most of our releases will play
    Japanese audio with English subtitles when you open them.

Q.  Why do some English subs on your release have Japanese listed as the sub language?
A.  We match sub track identifiers to the Audio identifiers so that you can set them 
    to play as your defaults in Haali's Media Splitter or other programs if you'd like.
    Based on the way we do it, you can tell Haali's that you want to play both Japanese
    audio and subs by default if you'd like to automatically have the subtitled version 
    play instead of the English version by default.  Saves you having to change audio 
    every time.  However if all 2 or 4 sub tracks say English, there is no way to tell
    most if not all programs to default to the Japanese audio version of the subs.  This
    just makes your life easier if you want this to work.

Q.  Why did Exiled-Destiny start using Graphic Subs only/Stop using text SSA/SRT subs.
A.  Well, there are more than one reason for this.  First off, our goal isn't the same 
    as other DVD Rip groups out there.  We are trying to provide you with the same
    experience you get from watching the anime DVD.  That way if you like the show, you
    will be tempted to go BUY the DVD.  Remember, we are only doing this for those of 
    us who just absolutely have no means to afford the DVD.  We aren't doing this for the
    slobs that can't be bothered spending cash on a DVD because they can get the encode for 
    free.  If that is you, we don't want or need you downloading our encodes.  You can be
    excused from the channel now.  BUY ALL THE SHOWS THAT YOU LIKE AND CAN AFFORD!
    Second, it is also much easier to deal with graphic subs.  There are no going through
    and making sure the OCR process didn't screw up words, leave out spaces, or add extra
    spaces.  Third, graphic subs are always correctly positioned on the screen as apposed 
    to text subs.  Text subs always wind up at the bottom unless you manually put in position
    info.  On some shows.  you want the sign text of a sign to appear around the sign ect.
    Finally, some shows have subs that you just can't OCR.  A good example of this is Excel Saga.
    There is absolutely no way you can do the pop-up video subs of Excel Saga as text subs (well at 
    least there is no way to do them and make them look good). 

Q.  Does Exiled-Destiny Take Donations?  How can I donate?
A.  Exiled-Destiny (the overall group) does not take donations for a few reasons.  I'll list
    just a couple here.  1.  We feel that by taking donations, we would be trying to sell you
    something.  We aren't about that.  What we are about is helping people who can't afford
    anime, still be able to see it.  If you can afford to buy the anime.  Please, by all means,
    don't be a cheapskate and buy it.  2. Even if we didn't feel this way (which isn't the case),
    we also don't want to deal with the issue of where donations go to.  What they would be used for.
    If you want to donate to bot providers, that is between you and them.  You can contact them in
    the channel if you want to do that.

Q.  What is in store for the next/future series/encodes in Exiled-Destiny?
A.  We keep hearing this question a LOT lately. While we aren't trying to be rude about this,
    it is time to add this question to the faq so its covered as it has become far too often.  
    First off, 99% of the time we have no idea what we'll be encoding next let alone a few
    weeks in advance.  So, chances are great that we couldn't answer this even if you do ask.
    Second, there are some things we might or might not encode that we don't want to discuss.
    We have reasons for this, good ones, but we also don't feel that those need to be made public
    unless we happen to give them publicly.  Personally, I do a lot of talking in the channel about
    what might be coming a lot of times.  If I'm volunteering the info.  That is one thing, but it 
    is getting a bit annoying having that same question asked weekly/more than once a week recently.
    Dude also agrees its time to put this in the faq.  

Q.  When are you going to continue XXX series.  It has been so long since a release on it?
A.  Refer to last answer.  We don't know when/what we'll be encoding most of the time.  
    We haven't forgotten about whatever series it is, however there are other series for 
    various reasons we'd prefer to concentrate on.  We'll get to it as soon as we have the
    time and desire to.

Q.  Can I use XXX method to cheat and get more than 1 download on A|Otakubot, E-D|Mashiro or AIL|Bot?
A.  Absolutely not.  And if you are caught doing so, the penalty just might be a permanent ban
    from the bot and channel without any warning.  Sometimes we will give you a warning but if
    we assume you've been there long enough to know better.  Then there is a very good chance
    that we'll just ban you outright and get it over with.  It doesn't take that long in queues
    on A|Otakubot so there is absolutely no reason to even try.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
    This only applies to a single bot at a time.  Like 2 sends from A|OtakuBot gets you banned but
    a send from A|Otakubot and a send from E-D|Mashiro at the same time is A-OK.

Updated: January 11, 2007