Exiled-Destiny Channel Rules

#Exiled-Destiny Rule's V2.6

 1. NO typing "XDCC LIST" or "!XDCC LIST" or anything similar.
 2. NO Spam for other channels or URLs for anything we considered spam.
 3. NO Joining and parting the channel constantly (AKA Revolving Door)
 4. Do NOT repeatedly use the channel commands excessively.  Things like !list, @find, !Rules, !Releases.
 5. NO request ads unless you are halfop or above or have gotten permission from Taskforce first.
 6. No clones unless you run fserves/bots.  Then only use 1 nick to queue files in the channel PERIOD.
 7. No bitching about Audio or Subtitle order in Encodes. 
 8. Do not ask when XXX episode in distro will make its way to main.  Frankly, we don't set dates or 
    times.  It happens when it happens so don't ask.
 9. If you are a group looking to use our encodes to translate into XX language.  That's fine but don't
    ask us to help.  We don't understand any said language and don't care to help.
10. New Distro Policy:  Do not ask for distro, it'll be given to those worthy when we feel its time.
11. Keeping up with the rules is your responsibility.  Not knowing a new rule is no excuse for breaking it.
12. An excessive amount of stupidity is grounds for banning you.  We decide what qualifies as stupid and
    how much earns a ban.
13. Do not discuss what happened in distro, how to get distro, ask about getting distro, or anything else
    of that nature in the channel.
14. DO NOT try to tell us how to encode.  If we want your advice.  We'll ask for it.  This rule is breakable
    if its an issue with ONE specific encode that you know how to fix.
15. We do not and will not run torrents.  Please do not ask ops about them or mention them in the channel.
16. No Parallel downloading from bots.  Which means using XXX method to get more than one send.  this is a
    permanent ban from the bot and channel on the first offense. This rule ONLY applies to sends from the same
    bot.  For example.  Two sends at the same time from A|Otakubot gets you banned.  A send from A|Otakubot 
    and another from E-D|Mashiro at the same time don't.
17. DO NOT BITCH ABOUT XDCC BOTS!  You may ask questions about them (when sends fail and other things), you can 
    even give one comment of disgust with a bot if a send fails or something, but bitching because you have to
    wait in a queue, like torrents better, or any other derogatory comments WILL earn you a nice ban (maybe a
    permanent one)  These rules are the only warning you are going to get.  You have been warned.
18. Random posting of non-channel related ads is now not allowed in the channel without prior permission from
    Taskforce.  Posting ads as they relate to an ongoing conversation in the channel is allowed, however just
    posting for the heck of it or on a timer is now not allowed unless it is channel related material.  This
    rule does not effect auto-responders that are providing information about channel related events, or
    fserver ads and such.  It effects all other ads, such as now playing, advertising of websites and anything
    else non-channel related.
19. If we have encoded a certain show, please DO NOT ask for some other groups encode of that show while in our
    channel.  It is considered highly rude and disrespectful to us or any group to do so.  If you don't like our
    encode of XXX show and want another groups version, that is perfectly fine.  However, please ask for it in
    their channel and not ours.  A show we haven't encoded is perfectly fine to ask for.  If you're unsure, your
    best bet is to err on the side of caution and don't ask.
20. To clarify because of the last rule.  Discussing and comparing our groups encode to another groups encode 
    in the channel is still perfectly fine.  As long as it isn't treated as an advertisement for said group.
    Things you can say "I think XXX's encode of XXX show is better than Exiled-Destiny."  And things you can't
    say "You should get XXX groups encode of XXX show and not Exiled-Destiny's."  The difference between these
    two statements is in the first, you're entitled to your opinion.  In the second, you're trying to force your
    opinion on to the other party.  The other thing is, one is respectful to us and the other isn't.
21. If you ask us a stupid question.  We may or may not answer it.  If we do answer it from this point forward,
    we are going to make fun of you for asking it in the first place while we answer it.  Stupid questions 
    include asking us why hasn't XXX episode come out in the channel when the DVD hasn't released in the US yet
    (no being from another country isn't an excuse.  The info is online everywhere.)  Asking us if a series is 
    the OAV or TV when it is clear to see there aren't as many eps in the OAV that we put out for that release
    (this applies to shows like Kujibiki Unbalance.)  Asking us if XXX show has been dropped because Anidb 
    said so when it is clearly marked on the releases list as ongoing (anidb's status system doesn't work
    too well, now you know.)  Any other annoyingly simple thing you could answer yourself through 2 seconds
    of research on the web.  

    PLEASE do not take this rule to mean you cannot ask about things related to the channel like downloading or
    noob questions.  We are all noobs at some point.  We do not mind you guys.  Its these questions that are 
    already answered on the website or spending 2 minutes on anidb/rightstuf that are driving us bonkers.

Rules specifically for fservers

 1. Only serve anime related material in the channel.  Anime, Anime Music, Anime Wallpapers, ect.
 2. You must also maintain a minimum of 5 gigs of anime episodes on your server.  Fansubs/DVD Rips.
 3. Do not advertise your F-server. Type !Voiceme in the channel to get voice.  Type !Devoiceme when you stop
    serving for any reason.
 4. /ctcp Servers ONLY.
 5. F-servers MUST respond to !list.
 6. F-Servers MUST Display 4 things in their ad to get voiced: Triggers (with firewall notice if needed),
    Number of queues, number of sends, and number of users.
 7. F-servers should have at least 6 queue slots.
 8. Server MUST be able to send out at least 10kbps.

Things that will NOT get you banned

 1. Asking politely if we are considering to release XX series in the future.  You may not get a yes or
    no because we probably can't be sure when asked.
 2. Asking politely about problems you may have noticed in XX encode.  Although if you would please
    direct those to Dude051 and/or Taskforce in a Private Message please.
 3. Asking questions not mentioned here will not earn you a ban unless they are outright stupid
    and/or just begging to be banned.
 4. Use @find and use !list.  NOTE: some bots and a lot of fservers MIGHT NOT respond to @find so your
    chances of getting results can vary.

How to get Distro

 1. Distro is only for bot providers and longtime friends.

*All decisions the ops make are final.  Arguing them will earn you a ban.

**(You may ask for a ban lift for someone else but don't argue the original ban or argue if its denied).
  (Only ask the op that banned the person in question for a ban lift.  No other op will do it.)

!!!!!WARNING!!!!!   Failing to follow these rules WILL earn you a ban no exceptions.   !!!!!WARNING!!!!!